How to calculate the cost of using your vehicle in your business (ATO)

In the app you can log the car business use costs according to the ATO guidelines. It’s worth to read the following guideline to understand the basics for ATO car tax deductions methods.

Cents per kilometre method

Log you mileage cost in the “New expense” view, “Standard mileage rate” tab.

Logbook method

Log you mileage cost in the “New expense” view, “Actual car expenses” tab.

Once you put all the expenses, you can use embedded mileage rates (“Settings” view) according to ATO or customized based on you needs.

The summary of the Standard Mileage and Actual Expenses are available in “Main” view in the Tax” tab.: You can easily check which method will bring biggest Tax Deduction.

You can also use detailed view for each method as well as export to CSV (Car expenses full version feature)

If you log all car business use costs and mileage the app will help with estimate of business use percentage.