Manage your car safety and expenses.

for private and business use

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App Features

Car expenses tracker will help you monitor and control car safety and expenses. The application fits well for any individuals as well for the users who need to track the business use of cars (Uber, Taxi or couriers).

Multiple cars support

One app for multiple cars tracking, One view for current month, total and average costs.

Car business use

Car expenses recordkeeping for self-employed individuals, or other taxpayers (IRS, ATO...)

Expenses Statistics

Simple view to asses average car usage costs, mileage and car age.

Export to CSV

As required by law, data export will help you to substantiate your car business use expenses.

Car maintenance

Regular and periodic car maintenance view. Mileage or date based remainders to keep car in good condition.

Cloud data storage

No need to migrate data between old and new device. All data are available in secured cloud storage.

Simple & Easy to Use

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Yes, the Car Expenses tracker Lite version is available both for IOS and Android. The Lite version is limited to one car support.

It’s to protect and respect you privacy in connection to usage of Car Expenses Tracker and Car Expenses Tracker Lite mobile application. 
The policy can be updated from time-to-time at the sole discretion. This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) and/or any other documents applies to persons anywhere in the world who use our “Products”. We may collect information about you in the following general categories :

  • Personal data: e-mail address.
  • Device information: operating system version, device type, and system performance data.
  • Location Information: we may collect the precise location of your device when the app is running in the foreground or background.
  • Log Information: we collect logs on the server, with device IP address, access dates and times, app features and app crashes.
  • The app uses third parties like Google or Apple, the data collected may be used in accordance with their privacy policies and terms of service.

n the app you can log the car private and business use. You can log you car business use kilometers as well as log the overall car costs multiplying those with business use percentage.

Cost per kilometre method. Log you mileage cost in the “New expense” view, “Standard mileage rate” tab.

Logbook method. Log you mileage cost in the “New expense” view, “Actual car expenses” tab.

Once you put all the expenses, you can use custom mileage rates in “Settings” view. If you use car for private and business you can set the percentage of business use. The app will help with estimate of business use percentage based on you inputs.

The summary of the Standard Mileage and Actual Expenses are available in “Main” view in the Tax” tab.: You can easily check which method will bring biggest Tax Deduction.

You can also use detailed view for each method as well as export to CSV